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Welcome to the Tokyo bay side Trading!Hello!We used to sell a imported software as distributor in Japan.Taking advantage of our experience, we decided to start a new business,exporting Japanese used vehicles this time.We would like to have a trade with you in proper way and in good manner,indeed.1:The number of vehicles that we can introduce to you is small. Because we NEVER handle the "Shared Stock" vehicle. Therefore you do not need to worry that the vehicle you request has already sold out to another.2:And Our vehicle is not so cheap. Because we have selected the vehicle with good condition only. We would like to show the "Condition Sheet" of the vehicle to you. We will introduce only the vehicle of "3.5" or more grades in "Action Grades" in a Sheet.Most vehicles exported to Africa are cars of "3" or less grade. Please check the condition of vehicle anytime you want to.Thanks!

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