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TCV Best Seller Award 2021

About TCV Award

The "TCV Best Seller Award", which has been held since 2020, is an award that uniquely recognizes sellers supported by buyers at TCV.
In addition to the "Bestseller 2021" that commends the most popular sellers in 2021 and the "Bestseller 2021" that commends the sellers who were supported immediately after joining the company.Awards are given to sellers who have begun efforts to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their management since 2021.

Best Seller 2021

In 2009, started the overseas export business of used cars independently. Incorporated in 2012 and established Magari Japan Co., Ltd."When purchasing a used car, I am confident that I will not catch defective products.We would like to continue to deliver high quality Japanese used cars."
I have been using TCV for a long time, but this is my first time to receive an award.I am honestly happy. thank you.I'm glad to think that the efforts of the current staff and the efforts so far have been recognized.
User Review
Great seller. Timely feedback. Genuine description of item. I would recommend Magari Japan to anyone else. Thank you.
everything was swiftly done ,im impressed. i got my car in good shape.

Best Sustainable Seller

Marc Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Since 2004, in Suzuka City, which is a "city of automobiles," "100% recycling of used automobiles,We built an automobile recycling factory with the aim of "realizing reuse."With an annual processing capacity of 30,000 ELVs (used vehicles),We operate an automobile recycling business that utilizes ELVs as used parts and recycled products.
When dismantling a car, we do not dismantle it using heavy machinery, but by the staff's "hands". This method increases the number of parts that are "reused and recycled", leading to a reduction in shredder dust.A great many resources (parts) are used to make one car.If we can recycle and reuse 100% of ELV (used automobiles) without wasting these resources, we believe that we can contribute to global environmental measures.I would like to improve the accuracy of the efforts we are currently making and aim to continue contributing to the environment.

Best FirstYear Seller

HUG Inc.
Founded in August 2018. Currently, we are operating a business with a small number of elite employees with 3 employees."While operating a used car buying and selling matching site (CtoC) targeting Japan,For further business development, we are also developing a used car export business. "
"While posting a lot of inventory, we had a hard time at the beginning of joining until we grasped the needs of local customers of" TCV ".Now, I feel that I have gained knowledge about setting selling models and price ranges, and a series of export operations. "Among the many member stores, I am happy to receive the award in the first year of joining "TCV", and I am encouraged in the future.
User Review
The seller very easy to communicate with and very willing to answer question when asked. It was a great pleasure to do business with this seller

Good Seller 2021

SBI Motor Japan
The SBI Group aimed to expand its business in African countries, but is a company focusing on the export of used cars. Established in August 2019.Since its establishment, it has joined TCV since November 2019 and has been exporting used cars.
I am deeply moved by the fact that we received the award for the service (TCV) that we used for the first time when we started exporting used cars.Also, I heard that the evaluation from the buyers who purchased it is also taken into consideration.I am very pleased to be selected.
User Review
Transaction concluded smoothly and the item was received in an excellent condition
I am very happy client, the merchandise is exactly what I ordered and exceeds my expectation, car is in pristine condition
NBC Corporation
"It's been 2009 since the company was established. We have been indebted to TCV since its establishment.Our main business is used car export."
As a result of daily management, the numbers are always visible, but other evaluations are difficult to confirm by myself.I am very pleased to be able to receive this award as an evaluation from those around me.
User Review
The car is very good. I am happy. Thank you very much. Best regards Achado Paiv
Great transaction, very quick reply and good negotiation !
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