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More Protection

Shop with peace of mind, your purchase is protected by TCV.

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    Your Money Back Guarantee

    TCV provides a safer way to send money without worrying about overseas transaction.

    TCV keeps your money until your ordered car is shipped from Japan. If the seller fail to ship the car, you can get full refund from TCV.

    Bank transfer fees and foreign exchange losses (including between US dollar and Japanese yen) may be deducted.

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  • Security

    Car info Check service

    ensures the car you ordered is the same as advertised.

    If the difference is found and you do not like that difference, you may cancel the transaction.

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  • Security

    Logistics service

    TCV's partner companies provide easy car buying process with discounts.

    Logistics service lets the customers have more easy car buying process by introducing local logistics companies.

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* Money Back Guarantee and Car Info Check service will only be provided for transactions made through  TCV’s system.
In order to use the Car Info Check and the Logistic service, one must apply at the time of the order.

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