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Aug 23, 2020

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

Purchasing the vehicle from TCV was very easy. There were several things I didn't understand but they helped me every step of the way. Car appears to be in great condition, actually better than described. I am a bit disappointed that nobody including the Car Info Check I paid for noticed that the oil drain plug was glued on with silicone. After fixing that, however, again...the car runs better then I expected. If I am ever in the market for another JDM Import, I will probably get it from TCV. Thank you. It was a pleasure working with you.

Aug 22, 2020

Level of Satisfaction 2.0

Hi, I am real appreciating the way you are fast to deliver the car as well as your commitment or integrity. But the car was received with check engine lamp on, however after communicating the issue with the seller they refused to compensate the default by arguing that the car was ok while leaving Japan. The investigation shows that one of the oxygen sensors is not ok and is the cause of the lamp not to off. It would be prudent if you can assist telling the seller on the issue of compensation by delivering the parts to fix it or else refund the amount tallying the cost of fixing.

Aug 18, 2020

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

Esta é mais uma prova que a TVC proporciona aos seus clientes no tempo certo, com qualidade e seguro. Recebi o meu carro como a imagem ilustra sem nenhum defeito, limpo e mais doque espera. Se alguém me perguntar se recomendaria alguém a comprar carros da TVC, eu respondia sim porque é 100% seguro e com garantia.

Aug 4, 2020

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

Hi. I thanks the TCV management and its team......so helpful. The car I received is the same as the one was displayed in the web page.....no cheating; the car is very nice and running well. Only one thing; the car has no spare key; the spare key is very important so please help/advise so I can get it. Many thanks, emmanuel.

Jul 28, 2020

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

Everything was straight forward and most importantly,safe.It was my first time to buy a car from Japan and i felt that tcv could do it better and i was righy,they did.

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Jul 20, 2020

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

I'm happy with tcv. With a payment into a Kenyan account, there is a money back guarantee if the seller is not compliant to set standards. Tcv offers a wide range of sellers and a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. The staff are very kind and helpful.

Jun 29, 2020

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

My car on the way to customs to stamp paper work

Jun 21, 2020

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

Purchasing car from TVC is interesting from negotiation stage, seller is on top everything providing updates and attending to all questions and queries regarding the whole process. I really recommend anyone to visit TCV website when looking for your dream cars, with TCV one can acquire high quality cars at affordable price just like I acquired mine. ASANTENI SANA TCV.

Jun 8, 2020

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

My experience was great and it was also my first time purchasing a vehicle on a website all by myself. The process was very smooth and the seller answered all of my messages on time and efficient. The car is in top notch condition, it’s like a brand new car off of the lot. I can’t wait to purchase another vehicle. Thank you.

Jun 2, 2020

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

Tcv is a great company there are very supportive from day one of searching the car till the car is delivered. The vehicle is value for money it is in very good condition. Strongly recommend Tcv if you wish to buy quality vehicle.

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