JAPAN TIME: Nov / 27 / 2022 03:01 PM (JST)

Avoid Scams Online!

Types of Scams that occurred and may occur again in the future.

Case1 : Buyer from Kenya

Purchased: Toyota IST
Price: CIF USD 4,350

I bought a Toyota IST in August from TCV.
I asked the seller to take JEVIC inspection before the shipment.But when I received documents and the car, there was no JEVIC inspection certificate. I had to pay a penalty fee of USD 400 to local authority to clear the car from the port.
I immediately reported the problem to TCV customer support, and eventually succeeded in receiving the USD 400 from the seller.


There was high possibility that I had to bear myself the penalty fee of USD 400.
Plus, I might have to pay storage charge at Mombasa port if I couldn’t pay the USD 400 soon.

Case2 : Buyer from Uganda

Purchased: Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter
Price: CIF USD 13,038

I bought a Mitsubishi Fuso in April from TCV.
Money was confirmed in the 1st week of April, but the car wasn't shipped for more than 2 months, The reason why the car was not shipped was because the car had to be repaired. So I asked the seller for the refund, but the seller kept suggesting me a new vehicle.
I reported the matter to TCV customer support. Since the money was secure with TCV, whole money was refunded from them.


Money was kept by the seller and I never could get USD 13,038 refund.

Case3 : Buyer from Zambia

Purchased: Honda Odyssey
Price: CIF USD 3,167

I bought a Honda Odyssey in May from TCV. After my payment was confirmed on TCV, the seller suddenly stopped replying my messages. I couldn't know my car's status for weeks. So I contacted to TCV customer support. They helped me in having communication with the seller and I safely received the car in the end. It's good to have the support on Japan side to have smooth contact with the seller.


I couldn’t know my car nor my money’s whereabouts and was in a total disaster.

Beware of Phishing!

We have received reports that there are several phishing emails and websites targeted for our users’ ID and password information. There is a chance that the stolen IDs and passwords be used for fraudulent purposes.

Check Point

1: Regarding URLs
TCV is only operated under this domain(http://www.tc-v.com/). Do not enter your login information on any other URL or sites.
2: Set your own Log-in Seal
Create your own Log-in Seal prevent you from stolen ID and password. Once you set it and if you do not see it on the login page (even if it seems similar to the website), please do not enter your credentials and report the URL to TCV.

Avoid Purchase Directly from the Dealer!

Purchase safely through TCV system.

Make sure to ONLY communicate/negotiate with the seller through our message system on My TCV. We cannot guarantee any safety for the invoices issued TCV system.
Please be careful when:
You receive a Proforma Invoice as an attachment of the message
You receive a Proforma Invoice via E-mail or FAX

In order to prevent yourself from being a victim of scam:

  • Proceed with the transaction by following the instructions listed within the message system.
    *Avoid making payments to Proforma Invoice issued/attached directly by the seller.
  • Make sure you create a Sign-in Seal.
  • Do not purchase directly through Emails.