JAPAN TIME: Aug / 13 / 2022 06:25 PM (JST)

Success Stories from Worldwide Dealers

Detailed company profile page is highly advised! Because…
Profile page is the front page of your company. The first impression matters for some customers, especially using internet purchasing!
Profile page with office pictures, thorough company introduction, service details will give confidence to the purchasers in inquiring for the stock.
It's the place to promote yourself to the customers what you can do! Show the difference between the other dealers!
Showing your stocks of cars / auto parts is highly advised! Because…
More exposure to the potential buyers! Otherwise the buyers will not be able to find you on the website.
There will be no buying leads from the new customers.
No stocks, no sales, no profit!
Showing your FOB price is highly advised! Because…
It tends to bring more inquiries!
Most high prospective customers are keen to knowing the item price (why do shops put price on their items?)
You can avoid the value gap between you and the customer (you can start off with direct negotiation!)
Prompt response to the customer is highly advised! Because…
Purchasers will not be waiting for your response and may shift to the next dealer!
It's one of the ways to show the dealers your reliability and trust!
The customer will not inquire to you once they hold an impression of "slow responder".
Direct phone call to the customer is highly advised! Because…
No waiting for the customer's email about their best price of the stock!
You can start off with direct negotiation, cutting unnecessary waiting!
You can ask the customer for their alternative desired stocks.
Contacting the past customers is highly advised! Because…
They may have become your new high prospective!
You can build trust by looking after your past clients.
Communication between the customers will help keep the continuous business relationship.
Updating your stock list is highly advised! Because…
You will have better exposure to the customer with new stocks.
Showing detailed information of the stock is highly advised! Because…
All the necessary information of the stock will be shown to the customers for consideration.
Customer has a better idea on what they are looking for.
Quicker negotiation for all the necessary information has been stated.