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AMG CLK : Price. Reviews. Specifications.

AMG CLK : Basic Specifications

  • length 4.565 - 4.565m
  • height
    1.375 -
  • width
    1.72 - 1.72m
Maximum power 218 - 347ps
Fuel Consumption No Data
Drive Type FR
Engine Capacity 3,199 - 5,438cc
Number of Seats 4

AMG CLK : Models

AMG CLK : Prices

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Engine Capacity
AMG CLK No Data US$78,995 - US$100,786 3,199 - 5,438cc
AMG CLK 2000 No Data US$78,995 - US$100,786 3,199 - 5,438cc
AMG CLK 1999 No Data No Data No Data


On sale User Reviews Sales Ranking
0 4.0 / 5.0 No.765

User reviews on AMG CLK

  • Canada Canada

    From purchase to receiving was approximately five weeks. Which is reasonable in my opinion. The seller was very good on communication until they received the money and then their communication slowed down greatly. I had some questions that were not answered until two or more emails were sent inquiring. To be honest I was a little concerned as this was my first time buying overseas and having the communication stop after forwarding the money made me nervous.

    Review from the customer who bought AMG CLK from AVIX Co.Ltd

AMG CLK : Detail Specifications

AMG CLK 2000/1

AMG CLK 2000/1

Grade Model Code Engine
Door Fuel
Transmission Drive Type Number of
CLK320 LHD AT GF-CLK320 3,199 2 Gasoline 5AT FR 4 No Data
CLK55 LHD AT 5.5 GF-CLK55 5,438 2 Gasoline 5AT FR 4 No Data

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