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Toyota Hilux Surf best price used cars for sale

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Toyota Hilux Surf

Although Hilux Surf was originally derived from the design of pickup truck, the design has been shifted to SUV type after the introduction of its 3rd generation model in December 1995. All body types are consisted of 4 doors + tailgate; one in standard body type, and other in wide body type with wide over fenders. There are 3 engine types; 3.4 liter V6DOHC, 2.7 liter straight 4DOHC, and 3 liter common rail direct injection diesel turbo, which was introduced in July 2000. Driving system is available in 4WD and FR on a certain grade, and the transmission is available only in 4AT. For driving seats, 6 way sports seat is applied, and it enhanced easy setting of driving position. In addition, it enables users to enjoy various seat arrangements by allowing users to have the full flattening of the front and rear sheet, and 5:5 split retractable arrangement on second seat. For SSR-G, the top grade of Hilux Surf, REAS is equipped as standard to enable stable posture and smooth ride. For safety equipment, dual SRS airbag, ABS, and collision safety body GOA are equipped as protective gears for drivers.

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