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The Import Regulation

Shipping Destination ports

Nassau, Freeport Grand Bahama

Age restriction

No more than 10 years.

Road worthiness Inspection


Import taxes rates

Import duty is 65% of FOB price.
Environmental levy is USD 200.
Procedure fee is 1% of FOB price.
VAT is 7.5% of total price (including FOB price, freight, Import duty, Environmental levy, and procedure fee.)

*This page contents are based on information acquired in March 2019.

Customer Voice in Bahamas

Bahamas Bahamas

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

I got my 2011 Ford Galaxy 2.0 Ghia Ecoboost and absolutely love it. The condition of interior and exterior is excellent and the size is exactly what I need. Customer service was exceptional every step of the process. I would definitely do business with you in the future and will highly recommend you to friends and family.

Bahamas Bahamas

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

the car was beyond my expectation. It was in good condition and described by the seller. Will purchase from this company again.