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Please check your country's import regulation
and other useful information.

The Import Regulation

Shipping Destination ports

Dar es salaam (Tanzania), Mombasa (Kenya)

Steering Handle

Right (Exceptions for special cars e.g. ambulance and fire engine)

Age restriction

No age restriction.

Road worthiness Inspection


Other restrictions

Vehicles between 8- 10 years from manufactured year: 15% penalty of total cost.
Vehicles over 11 years from manufactured year: 30% penalty of total cost.
(Both including total taxes and import duty)

Agents information

Walmax Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd
Address: TANCOT House 1st Floor, Room 103, Sokoine Drive/Pamba Road P.O.Box 55172 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 222 1160 60 Mob: +255 714 394 243,+255 784 533 381
Email: info@walmaxfreight.com
Office hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:30AM-5:00PM

*This page contents are based on information acquired in May 2023.

Local Services

Logistics Service

By using TCV there will be no hassle in searching for the local clearing agents for your car. Simply select the Door to door Delivery Service when you order for a car and get the full assistance with a special discount!

logi flow image

*Please note that the original documents are sent to the clearing agents for quick clearing of your car.

Door to door Delivery Service in Tanzania!

Estimated customs clearance costs

Dar es Salaam

Type of CarsSedan/Hback
e.g. 10cbm
e.g. 12cbm
e.g. 13cbm
e.g. 14cbm
i.e. RAV4
3 - 9 seater
e.g. 16cbm
e.g. 17cbm
i.e. Prado
e.g. 18cbm
i.e. Safari
Micro BUS
20 – 30
Not TCV rates $350 $350 $380 $400 $480 $530 $550 $800 ASK
TCV rates $290
  • This service and discount rate will be applied to TCV users only.
  • The prices displayed above does not include import duties, registration, plate number, transportation and other related costs.
  • All other costs not included in this table will be billed directly to you.
  • The displayed prices might be changed by the reason of the exchange rates changes and fuel price are changed. For the precise price, please consult to the logistic company directly.
  • For other locations not displayed on our table, please consult with our logistic company for your quotation.
  • Logistic company name and address will be displayed on your invoice.

TCV Customer Center

Hassle/stress-free with no extra charge. Let us take care of your vehicle importation. Find out all the ways we can support you by visit us or call us.

Cheaper, quicker and secured way to pay for your car!

We provide you the discounted transfer fees and better exchange rate.

Customer Voice in Tanzania

Tanzania Tanzania

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

My Transaction which involved purchase of land cruiser Prado all went well. The car I received is in a very good condition and nothing was wrong. I received all the necessary support from TCV and the dealer. For Customers who are looking to purchase cars I recommend to them to use TCV since they are reliable and it is guaranteed that you will received your car. I thank TCV and also I thank the dealer Weins International Regards Kefa Masige from Tanzania

Tanzania Tanzania

Level of Satisfaction 2.0

The car is great and wonderful,engine is working perfectly. however I found the radio is not working. I don't know why...... I have attached picture for reference