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Model Grade Model Code Displacement(cc) Fuel Type Transmission Doors
Corolla Sedan
GT AT 1.6E-AE921587Gasoline4AT4Search Used Car
GT MT 1.6E-AE921587Gasoline5MT4
SE LIMITED AT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline4AT4
SE LIMITED MT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline5MT4
SE AT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline4AT4
SE MT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline5MT4
XE AT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline3AT4
XE MT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline4AT4
LIME AT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline3AT4
LIME MT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline4AT4
TX AT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline3AT4
TX MT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline4AT4
DX MT 1.5E-AE911498Gasoline4AT4
XE AT 1.3E-EE901295Gasoline3AT4
XE MT 1.3E-EE901295Gasoline4AT4
LIME AT 1.3E-EE901295Gasoline3AT4
LIME MT 1.3E-EE901295Gasoline4AT4
TX AT 1.3E-EE901295Gasoline3AT4
TX MT 1.3E-EE901295Gasoline4AT4
DX MT 1.3E-EE901295Gasoline4AT4
CUSTOM DX MT 1.3E-EE901295Gasoline4AT4
SE AT 1.8DIESELQ-CE901839Diesel4AT4
SE MT 1.8DIESELQ-CE901839Diesel5MT4
XE AT 1.8DIESELQ-CE901839Diesel4AT4
XE MT 1.8DIESELQ-CE901839Diesel5MT4
TX AT 1.8DIESELQ-CE901839Diesel4AT4
TX MT 1.8DIESELQ-CE901839Diesel5MT4
DX MT 1.8DIESELQ-CE901839Diesel5MT4
GT AT 1.6E-AE1011587Gasoline4AT4
GT MT 1.6E-AE1011587Gasoline5MT4
SE-G AT 1.6E-AE1011587Gasoline4AT4
SE-G MT 1.6E-AE1011587Gasoline5MT4
SE-L AT 1.5E-AE1001498Gasoline4AT4
SE-L MT 1.5E-AE1001498Gasoline5MT4
XE AT 1.5E-AE1001498Gasoline3AT4
XE MT 1.5E-AE1001498Gasoline5MT4
LX AT 1.5E-AE1001498Gasoline3AT4
LX MT 1.5E-AE1001498Gasoline5MT4
DX MT 1.5E-AE1001498Gasoline5MT4
XE MT 1.3E-EE1011331Gasoline4AT4
LX MT 1.3E-EE1011331Gasoline4AT4
DX MT 1.3E-EE1011331Gasoline4AT4
SE-L AT 2.0DIESELX-CE1001974Diesel5AT4
SE-L MT 2.0DIESELX-CE1001974Diesel4AT4
XE AT 2.0DIESELX-CE1001974Diesel5AT4
XE MT 2.0DIESELX-CE1001974Diesel4AT4
LX AT 2.0DIESELX-CE1001974Diesel5AT4
LX MT 2.0DIESELX-CE1001974Diesel4AT4
DX AT 2.0DIESELX-CE1001974Diesel5AT4
DX MT 2.0DIESELX-CE1001974Diesel4AT4