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Model Grade Model Code Displacement(cc) Fuel Type Transmission Doors
V MTGF-M100A989Gasoline5MT5
V ATGF-M100A989Gasoline4AT5
X MTGF-M100A989Gasoline5MT5
X ATGF-M100A989Gasoline4AT5
V4WD MTGF-M110A989Gasoline5MT5
V4WD ATGF-M110A989Gasoline4AT5
X4WD MTGF-M110A989Gasoline5MT5
X4WD ATGF-M110A989Gasoline4AT5
V S PACKAGE(MT 1.3)TA-M101A1297Gasoline5MT5
V S PACKAGE(AT 1.3)TA-M101A1297Gasoline4AT5
V(MT 1.3)TA-M101A1297Gasoline5MT5
V(AT 1.3)TA-M101A1297Gasoline4AT5
X(MT 1.0)TA-M100A989Gasoline5MT5
X(AT 1.0)TA-M100A989Gasoline4AT5
V(MT 1.0)TA-M100A989Gasoline5MT5
V(AT 1.0)TA-M100A989Gasoline4AT5
V S PACKAGE 4WD(MT 1.3)TA-M111A1297Gasoline5MT5
V S PACKAGE 4WD(AT 1.3)TA-M111A1297Gasoline4AT5
V 4WD(MT 1.3)TA-M111A1297Gasoline5MT5
V 4WD(AT 1.3)TA-M111A1297Gasoline4AT5
X 4WD(MT 1.0)TA-M110A989Gasoline5MT5
X 4WD(AT 1.0)TA-M110A989Gasoline4AT5
V 4WD(MT 1.0)TA-M110A989Gasoline5MT5
V 4WD(AT 1.0)TA-M110A989Gasoline4AT5
V ASSISTA PACKAGE(MT 1.0)TA-M100A989Gasoline5MT5
V ASSISTA PACKAGE(AT 1.0)TA-M100A989Gasoline4AT5
V ASSISTA PACKAGE 4WD(MT 1.0)TA-M110A989Gasoline5MT5
V ASSISTA PACKAGE 4WD(AT 1.0)TA-M110A989Gasoline4AT5
V LIMITED(MT 1.0)TA-M100A989Gasoline5MT5
V LIMITED(AT 1.0)TA-M100A989Gasoline4AT5
V LIMITED 4WD(MT 1.0)TA-M110A989Gasoline5MT5
V LIMITED 4WD(AT 1.0)TA-M110A989Gasoline4AT5
V CLASSIC MT 1.0TA-M100A989Gasoline5MT5
V CLASSIC AT 1.0TA-M100A989Gasoline4AT5
V CLASSIC MT 1.3TA-M101A1297Gasoline5MT5
V CLASSIC AT 1.3TA-M101A1297Gasoline4AT5
V CLASSIC 4WD MT 1.0TA-M110A989Gasoline5MT5
V CLASSIC 4WD AT 1.0TA-M110A989Gasoline4AT5
V CLASSIC 4WD MT 1.3TA-M111A1297Gasoline5MT5
V CLASSIC 4WD AT 1.3TA-M111A1297Gasoline4AT5
X AT 1.0GF-M100A989Gasoline4AT5
X MT 1.0GF-M100A989Gasoline5MT5
X 4WD AT 1.0GF-M110A989Gasoline4AT5
X 4WD MT 1.0GF-M110A989Gasoline5MT5
V AT 1.0GF-M100A989Gasoline4AT5
V MT 1.0GF-M100A989Gasoline5MT5
V 4WD AT 1.0GF-M110A989Gasoline4AT5
V 4WD MT 1.0GF-M110A989Gasoline5MT5
1.3S AT 1.3LA-M101A1297Gasoline4AT5
1.3S 4WD AT 1.3LA-M111A1297Gasoline4AT5