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Hyundai Trajet : Price. Reviews. Specifications.

Hyundai Trajet : Basic Specifications

  • length 4.695 - 4.695m
  • height
    1.71 -
  • width
    1.84 - 1.84m
Maximum power 137 - 179ps
Fuel Consumption No Data
Drive Type FF
Engine Capacity 1,997 - 2,656cc
Number of Seats 7

Hyundai Trajet : Models

Hyundai Trajet : Prices

Model / Year
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Engine Capacity
Hyundai Trajet US$1,333 - US$1,333 US$16,104 - US$18,584 1,997 - 2,656cc

Hyundai Trajet on TCV

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1 No Data No Data

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Hyundai Trajet : Detail Specifications

Hyundai Trajet 2000/1

Hyundai Trajet 2000/1

Grade Model Code Engine
Door Fuel
Transmission Drive Type Number of
2.0 GLS RHD AT GF-F20 1,997 5 Gasoline 4AT FF 7 No Data
2.7 GLS RHD AT GF-F27 2,656 5 Gasoline 4AT FF 7 No Data

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