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Suzuki Cappuccino : Price. Reviews. Specifications.

Suzuki Cappuccino : Basic Specifications

  • length 3.295 - 3.295m
  • height
    1.185 -
  • width
    1.395 - 1.395m
Maximum power 64ps
Fuel Consumption No Data
Drive Type FR
Engine Capacity 657cc
Number of Seats 2

Suzuki Cappuccino : Models

Suzuki Cappuccino : Prices

Model / Year
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Engine Capacity
Suzuki Cappuccino US$2,132 - US$18,753 US$9,714 - US$9,714 657 - 657cc
Suzuki Cappuccino 1992 US$3,238 - US$16,636 US$9,714 - US$9,714 657 - 657cc
Suzuki Cappuccino 1993 US$5,197 - US$18,753 US$9,714 - US$9,714 657 - 657cc
Suzuki Cappuccino 1991 No Data US$9,714 - US$9,714 657 - 657cc

Suzuki Cappuccino on TCV

On sale User Reviews Sales Ranking
59 3.3 / 5.0 No.322

User reviews on Suzuki Cappuccino

  • These cars are incredible.

  • Very nice agile little shopping cart for two people.

  • Very good at helping out to get the car to you, car really does need a lot of work but it runs and drives, and is what i ordered.

  • My favorite kei car.

  • It was a car I wanted to ride, so I was looking for a limited number of cars. I was able to narrow down the number of cars depending on the budget and the condition of the car, but the final decision was the personality of the president.

  • The dealer's response was very good, and I was able to explain the condition of the vehicle in detail even though it was far away, and sent me an image. He also explained in detail the status of maintenance after the contract.

Suzuki Cappuccino : Detail Specifications

Suzuki Cappuccino 1991/1

Suzuki Cappuccino 1991/1

Grade Model Code Engine
Door Fuel
Transmission Drive Type Number of
BASE MT 0.66 E-EA11R 657 2 Gasoline 5MT FR 2 No Data Details

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