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Please check your country's import regulation
and other useful information.

The Import Regulation

Shipping Destination ports

Durban (South Africa)

Steering Handle


Age restriction

No more than 5 years from manufactured year.

Road worthiness Inspection

No inspection required.

Import taxes rates

10% of FOB value for Import tax.
15% of FOB value + Import tax for VAT.
Duties may cost between 0-85%.

Agents information

Address: 24 Railway Lane, Seaview, Durban, 4094, South Africa
Tel: + 27 31 465 7906 Mob: +27 83 648 7070
Email: brandon@loganfreight.com

*This page contents are based on information acquired in July 2015.

Local Services

Logistics Service

By using TCV there will be no hassle in searching for the local clearing agents for your car. Simply select the Logistics Service when you order for a car and get the full assistance with a special discount!

logi flow image

*Please note that the original documents are sent to the clearing agents for quick clearing of your car.

Logistics services are available at the following ports & countries

Logistics services are available at the following ports & countries
  • Kenya /
  • South Sudan /
  • Uganda /
  • DRC
Dar es Salaam
  • Tanzania /
  • Rwanda /
  • Burundi /
  • DRC /
  • Malawi /
  • Zambia /
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe /
  • Botswana /
  • Namibia /
  • Lesotho /
  • Swaziland

Customer Voice in Namibia

Namibia Namibia

Level of Satisfaction 3.0


Namibia Namibia

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

I am happy with my car although the process was long, I replaced the radiator in Botswana because it was leaking causing the car to overheat but it arrived safely in Namaibia on 22 December 2012. I will come back again to buy. Thank you for your good customer service. Regards, Sxxx