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Toyota Ipsum best price used cars for sale

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Toyota Ipsum

It can be said that multipurpose car boom in Japan started with Ipsum. It was released for sale in May 1996, yet its popularity is enormous. There was a minor change in April 1998, which allowed the third seat split, improving its usability. The luxury and exclusive cabin makes people feel nothing anxious about changing the car from sedan type to Ipsum. This is why Ipsum is popular at all times.

User reviews on Toyota Ipsum

  • I bought it from a dealer for a reasonable price, so it was comfortable to ride for many years. The body was also cool and I liked it. However, as the years passed, the engine noise began to become annoying, there were many trouble spots, and it became necessary to replace parts due to deterioration over time, and eventually the car itself narrowed due to the increase in the family. It has become. I wasn't able to send it out for inspection or replace parts before it broke down, so I thought it might be a little longer if I did it a little more. Still, I was satisfied because I ran up to 230,000 km.


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