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Toyota RAV4 L

RAV4 debuted in October 1994. The first model was light off-road vehicle (SUV), which was built by using the basic components. The biggest attraction of this vehicle was enjoyability of driving in both on-road and off-road despite its compact size. This type of vehicle has been one of the best selling vehicles around the world, and it is not too much to say that this trend started from the first generation of RAV4. A full model change was made on the current mode in May, 2000, and it was developed with the concept of an evolution to “SUV for urban life style”. The vehicle size got slightly larger to 3 number size. Because of the extended wheelbase, RAV4 L achieved to have comfort living space with sized up sheets. When it comes to exterior, it is appealing an appearance of irregular multi-reflector head lamp and the presence of a large grill. On the other hand, interior line-up was consisted of three-door four-seater and five-door five-seater; both types equip 2 row seats. Engine line-up is available in a 2-liter and a 1.8 liter, and driving system can be selected from FF or 4WD. RAV4 L is mainly handled by Corolla shop, and RAV4 J was mainly handled by the Nets shop as a sister vehicle of RAV4 L. Not only the mechanism but also grade configuration are exactly the same; however, the design details are slightly different.

User reviews on Toyota RAV4 L

  • 4.0
    South Sudan

    Is very beautiful and drives nice.

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