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Important Notice of Hacking user account

Mar / 18 / 2013 (JST)

Thank you very much for using tradecarview.com and PayTrade service.

We would like to warn our precious users that recently we have received some complaints about user’s account being hacked. This has resulted to some buyers not receiving their cars.
The hacking was done on their personal e-mails accounts and as a result the hacker gain access to their tradecarview.com account. So please make sure to protect your own e-mail account (private e-mail account and tradecarview account).

Be careful when you login to your accounts, please make sure to log off every time and change passwords on a regular basis. Always use our system for all your communications with sellers. Avoid communicating using private e-mail as we won’t guarantee the safety of the transaction.

If you cannot log in to your private e-mail linked to us or suspecting of being hacked please change your tradecarview.com password and your registered email address as soon as possible. Also if you cannot log in to your account on tradecarview.com please report the matter immediately to us.

Further, please set your login seal which you can find in the login page. Please DO NOT enter your login details if you do not see login seal set by you.

Please use the ‘Mail Us’ icon on the tradecarview’s top page. Please send inquiry according to the content and department, person in charge will reply you within 2 business days. You can always double check with tradecarview stuff for any concern.

Thank you.