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Honda Beat : Price. Reviews. Specifications.

Honda Beat : Basic Specifications

  • length 3.295 - 3.295m
  • height
    1.175 -
  • width
    1.395 - 1.395m
Maximum power 64ps
Fuel Consumption No Data
Drive Type FR
Engine Capacity 656cc
Number of Seats 2

Honda Beat : Models

Honda Beat : Prices

Model / Year
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Engine Capacity
Honda Beat US$1,328 - US$17,085 US$8,822 - US$8,822 656 - 656cc
Honda Beat 1991 US$1,462 - US$17,085 US$8,822 - US$8,822 656 - 656cc
Honda Beat 1992 US$1,328 - US$13,577 US$8,822 - US$8,822 656 - 656cc
Honda Beat 1994 US$2,504 - US$12,712 US$8,822 - US$8,822 656 - 656cc

Honda Beat on TCV

On sale User Reviews Sales Ranking
110 3.0 / 5.0 No.315

User reviews on Honda Beat

  • Vehicle arrived overheating and barely able to move. It is blatantly obvious these issues had persisted back in Japan.This is a terrible vehicle that is not only broken but a complete loss. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  • I cannot tell anything about the Honda Beat because the car is not driveable!

  • , the one i got was junk. roof leaked, hood replaced. rpm gauge broken, stitches in the seat, wiper control broken, exhaust rattle, 3rd gear synchros going bad, crack in the dash, ace vents broken...many other items in poor condition

  • Honda BEAT is amazing. The engine sounds incredible, the exterior styling is sporty and the white tiger stripe interior is striking. This is probably the most enjoyment per dollar you can get from any car.

  • car has faults seller has never mentioned but im happy with it !

Honda Beat : Detail Specifications

Honda Beat 1991/1

Honda Beat 1991/1

Grade Model Code Engine
Door Fuel
Transmission Drive Type Number of
BASE MT 0.66 E-PP1 656 2 Gasoline 5MT FR 2 No Data Details

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